2019 brought on, “The Tree of Life Sculpture”. This sculpture was commissioned by the Pet Co. Foundation and FurKids Animal Shelter to represent all the animals lives they save throughout the year. Starting in January every family with their new rescued pet will add a leaf to the tree and the tree will continue to grow with leaves until December 2020, this process will continue year after year. This sculpture will continue to grow and change over time to represent life itself. The sculpture is located at 5235 Union Hill Road, Cumming Ga.

Artist with Father at Tree of Life location
Side View Tree of Life
A furry friend excited to see the Tree of Life before it is painted
The Tree of Life at the Paint Shop
Susie the Pig happy to see the Tree of Life after the paint job.
Up close view of Trunk
Tree of Life
Top View of Tree of Life during the painting process
The Tree of Life has rainbow prism crystals throughout the tree to reflect color onto the beautiful property.